31 January 2007

Transfer day, part two.

Bale to stay at Southampton until the summer.

And here ends January's most boring and pointless transfer saga. I mean, really. He's barely 17, and he's only played in the Championship. He may be the next great defender, but he may be the next Jermaine Pennant, too. I'm not sure he's worth 10 million, sight unseen. I don't want to overwork the Theo Walcott comparison here, since they're different positions, but it is somewhat relevant. So, you know, good for Bale for staying at Southampton and taking some more time to develop. It's not the end of the world if he's 18 before he plays in the Premiership, and it's probably better than going too big too fast and flaming out.

Though seriously. Hasn't this been the most boring January window EVER?

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