14 January 2007

The new Real Madrid, the old one and also some Liverpool.

Chelsea = the new Real? Well, a girl can hope. But the parallels are there -- tension and arguments between the board and the manager, a lack of control over transfers and signings, and an underperforming team. If Mourinho goes, which is looking increasingly likely, it's easy to see Chelsea getting into the same self-destructive pattern that Real's been in for two or three seasons now. Managerial merry-go-round, signings made on the basis of their marketing potential instead of their talent (I'd even argue that this part's already happening, with Shevchenko and Ballack both aging and having poor seasons) -- before you know it, you haven't won anything for three or four seasons. I'd say that I hope that doesn't happen, but we all know that'd be a lie.

No final game for Beckham. Speaking of Real. I can kinda understand them not wanting to play him much -- they haven't been playing him much anyway, and now he's committed to another team. But it's not like that's an unusual situation, really, and refusing to give him even a final game just seems petty, especially after Real practically forced him out. I can't help wondering if this is because Beckham decided to go to the Galaxy, as opposed to Milan or some other European team. Like, "he's chasing the money, screw him" or something. Or maybe Real would be that childish no matter what. I'm not saying play him in the Champions League final or anything, but come on. The Real fans liked him; would one more game, against Sociedad or someone, kill y'all? I'm not sure when I became a Beckham defender, but seriously. Real need to grow up.

Oh, and this is a Liverpool blog after all, I guess -- Liverpool 3 - Watford 0. I didn't get up to watch this one (dude, I'm still mad about that Carling Cup match), so I don't really have a lot to say about it. It's good to see Liverpool getting back to winning; another away win is always good, even if it's against a relegation-threatened team like Watford. Thank god they weren't playing a more challenging team, because losing three in a row would have been a pretty big hit on any team's confidence. If they can get a solid handle on third or fourth, I'll be happy.

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