15 January 2007

Bad idea theater!

Seriously, Real. Everyone knew you were going to get rid of Beckham -- the speculation's been intense even before this season started and Capello arrived. I'm not saying you were wrong to do so; he's aging, kinda slow, and if he doesn't fit into the team, he doesn't fit into the team. But, god, are you really getting this pissy because he made a better deal? Grow up.

God, it's a good thing I never liked them anyway. This is pretty tacky behavior from the self-styled biggest club in the world. Other players leave all the time, so why Becks? It's weird, and it kinda seems like bitterness that he left them to go to MLS. Calling them the redheaded stepchild of international soccer is probably being a bit too generous, so maybe Real feel spurned? Still. No excuse; this is incredibly petty of them. Bah.

Mascherano? Please. No. I don't want to dwell on this too much, because it doesn't look all that likely right now, but dear Liverpool. No. He can't get into the first team at West Ham. And really, there are more than enough central midfielders floating around Anfield right now. Do y'all really need another one? Or another overrated South American? I mean, you already have Aurelio and Gonzalez. (Yeah, I said it.) In conclusion: no.

New sidebar links: Losing the Dressing Room and I Dislike Your Favorite Team. Both excellent, but only one's challenging me to a tickle fight.


linda said...

I think the 'thinking' on the part of Real Madrid goes something like this: they always assume that all players want to come to Real, or if they are at Real that they wouldn't ever want to leave - which is a horribly arrogant trap that all great clubs fall into sometimes, but with Real it's very apparent when you look at the way their presidential candidates wildly promise players and coachs who are already contracted (Kaka, C Ronaldo, Cesc, Wenger, Ancelotti).

So Becks snubbing them for an American team has to come as a bit of a reality check. Still, what a petulant response. A lot of Real's own supporters aren't too happy about the way they're treating him.

Re: Masche - he's a good player. Really. On a lighter note, FIFA should allow the transfer since no one can say he's actually 'played' for West Ham, for all the chances they've given him.

ynba said...

I think you're exactly right. They still think they're the hottest thing out there, when they haven't even won the league in a few years, and aren't getting it done in the Champions League, either. I think it really does come down to sour grapes about where he chose to go -- if he were headed to Milan or someplace, I don't think it'd be nearly this big a deal.

Hee. Maybe that's how Liverpool win. But, man, all we need is another central midfielder.