16 January 2007

Seriously, Real (Part 3 in a continuing series.)

Because they weren't being big enough jackasses already.

"David Beckham will be an average cinema actor living in Hollywood," said Calderon. "The proof that our technical team was right in not considering his continuity has been ratified by every single technical team in the world, because no one, with the player having been free, has wanted him."

Stupid, stupid, stupid. (There was more here, but Blogger just ate it.) Say what you want about the Galaxy -- what's a "technical" team, anyway? -- but the fact that Beckham has a contract would seem to indicate that someone did, in fact, want him. This almost sounds like sour grapes, but they have to have known that most players wouldn't be happy to sit on the bench forever, even at a team as indisputably awesome (cough) as Real. So either they're stupid or just bitter that he went to, like, America. How tacky.

Also, another "average cinema actor living in Hollywood"? Was he talking about Posh and got confused?

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badgerdaddy said...

It's also a particularly dumb comment since AC Milan have officially said that they wanted him and offered him a two-year contract worth around £5m.

Very, very dumb. But then Calderon is a fucking dipshit at best. Still, I expected better of Capello; he's acted like a spoiled kid. And why? Beckham agreed a deal with another club and announced it to the world; if Real were worried about him disrespecting them, maybe they should have thought more about respecting an athlete under contract with them before they went to the press with every single word that enters anyone at the club's heads.
I mean, how bright can the club be if they have Mijatovic, Calderon AND Capello shooting their mouths off to anyone that will listen? Most clubs keep a tighter rein.