21 September 2008

David Beckham on Sesame Street

Via Ballhype:

I'm sorry, I would have commentary, but I'm too busy flailing at the cuteness of it all.

I do have to say, I like this version of Beckham a lot better than the one who bitches at refs and gets calls he doesn't deserve. Not that I'm bitter about the DC/Galaxy game last night.

I've been watching a lot of MLS lately, both because Liverpool have been so utterly uninspiring and because I actually enjoy it. It helps that the team I sort of fell into following, Columbus, are leading the league and have clinched the playoffs. Also, I like Robbie Rogers. Forcing the opposition to take several yellows and a red, and still scoring on them? Pretty badass.

03 September 2008

Quick note

I am guest-blogging today at This Is Extra Time. I don't think I'm gonna cross-post, but if y'all want to know my thoughts on ... random hot players, head over there.