14 August 2008

Pointless question of the day

Actually, two questions: 1) When did Rogers get that tattoo, and 2) what the hell is it a tattoo of? I mean, I think it's probably better than Feilhaber's crooked Latin or Daniel Agger's ... everything and the kitchen sink, but man. If I can't see it, I can't judge it. Bah.

Also, um, nice abs, kid. As Sarah said, he must work out.

Lessons from the Olympics

1. Robbie Rogers is not a defender.
2. Very few men can successfully wear a white beret. Specifically, only Benny Feilhaber and Maurice Edu.

09 August 2008

Oh, look...

This post is still necessary.

Call me the cranky feminist of the soccer blogosphere, but things like the comments on this post are fucking vile, and disrespectful of all women, let alone soccer fans. If y'all wanna have a frat party, is the internets really the best place for it? Much harder to tap a good keg online, I have to say.