31 January 2008

Question of the day

So, say you were one of the U23 players who decided to get pedicures today. Yes, that's the U23 men. Put yourself in those guys' shoes. (The blog doesn't name names, but my guess? Sacha Kljestan.)

Here's my question: you're most likely an MLS player, which means you're probably about to start the preseason. Why, then, would you decide to get your feet all smooth and pretty when you'll be playing soccer five days a week and they're just going to get all callused and blistered and gross again?

Seriously, I speak from experience. It's a bad idea.

(If you're here from the Fanhouse, hi! This is pretty much what it's like all the time around here.)

30 January 2008

Too sexy for this shirt

But that's not hard, because this shirt is FUG.

I've defended the fashion choices of the USMNT in the past, but this thing? No. No no no. Every girl knows that horizontal stripes are almost uniformly an awful idea. While I'm all for pinstripes, these are not pinstripes. This is a collar-less version of the rugby shirts my brother used to wear. When he was five. Put a collar on it, and this is the shirt every guy in every bar in town wears when he can't commit to an actual button-down. In other words, this isn't a jersey. It's a shirt. It's not iconic, it's not distinctive, and it's not even particularly good-looking. I realize they have to change jerseys every few years on order of their Nike overlords, but is there any reason they have to go from a decent jersey to this thing?

Also, the stripes don't even go all the way around the back. If you're going to be ugly, at least be consistently ugly. Apparently that's so you can put a name and number on the back. Uh-huh. Because that's such a problem. This thing is ugly ugly ugly, and I feel sorry for the players that have to wear it.

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28 January 2008

True confessions

I know I should care about the African Cup of Nations, but I don't.

23 January 2008

Still alive.

What she said.

I'm sorry for the silence over here, but with how Liverpool's playing and all the behind-the-scenes drama has been too depressing to write about. I fully expect whatever bizarre and fully-rotated squad Rafa puts out to lose to Havant & Waterlooville. Because that'd really be this season in a nutshell, wouldn't it?

So on a lighter note, pictures of the Liverpool costume Christmas party. My favorite is Fernando Torres as ... Fernando Torres.