29 June 2008

Euro final liveblog

Once again, I will be joining forces with This is Extra Time to liveblog the final. Apparently Ballack's fit, but Villa's out, so I have to call this for Germany. I hear you can never count them out.

22 June 2008

Spain/Italy liveblog

Let's see if Spain can avoid their usual routine of playing well in the group and then choking at the earliest possible opportunity. My guess: probably not. Italy's defense is kinda weak, but Spain is Spain. Here's hoping.

16 June 2008

Why I love Ladies...

Sexism in sports blogging: A Q&A. You should all read this. I think the soccer blogosphere (god, I hate that word) is actually a little better about all this than some other sections of the sports blogging world -- seriously, there are sites that I can't even read because they're so overtly misogynist. But I'd be lying if I said that the need some blogs feel to preface every Euro liveblog (or hell, every post at all) with a picture of random fans wearing as little as possible wasn't irritating. All that does is tell me that you don't care about half of your potential audience. It's a little bit alienating, and it gets old really fast.

That's my soapbox for today. There are a lot of different issues around all this, and I have to say, women not getting mentioned as potential editors isn't my hot button, mostly because I am far too lazy to handle even posting here a lot. But when your entire blog sends the message that I'm not even welcome as a reader? Yeah, I'm not surprised there aren't more women sports bloggers. And we won't even get into the constant disrespect of non-"hot" women athletes. Guess what, chief? Odds are you don't look like Cristiano Ronaldo either. So can we stop evaluating women on their looks for a second?

Also, while I'm asking, I'd like a pony.

15 June 2008

In non-international news

*pours one out for Alonso and Riise*

Okay, it's probably Riise's time to go. But Alonso? I'm actually sad about that. Mascherano's awesome and all, but I think you want some cover at that position, especially since Mascherano tends to get cards pretty regularly. But I'd say starting at Juventus is probably better than bench-warming at Liverpool, especially if you're still young, so. It makes a lot of sense, but I don't have to like it.

In other news, you should all read this article about DC United's Santino Quaranta. Absolutely amazing.

Yet another liveblog!

This time, though, not a Euro game, but the other game today. The one that no one cares about -- United States v. Barbados, in the first leg of CONCACAF World Cup qualifying. The United States is on a three-game scoreless streak, but to be fair, their last three opponents were England (FIFA ranking: 9), Spain (4), and Argentina (1). Barbados is currently 142nd in the world. I'm predicting a US win, but you know. Stranger things have happened. But they probably won't.

Anyway, I've given up and admitted that I like the US, so I will be liveblogging this game, along with Goalscoring Robot and anyone else who wants to join us. 5:00 ET.

14 June 2008

I am a liveblogging machine.

This time, it's Spain v. Sweden. I think I've given up and I'm cheering for Spain, even though they'll inevitably let me down. But I'm a Liverpool girl, so I have to cheer for Torres and Xabi in the off-season, too, apparently.

Anyway. You can follow the blog here or at This I Extra Time, and like before, you can comment as well. Yay technology!

13 June 2008

Short notice, live blog

Just a quick heads-up to everyone: I will be co-liveblogging France v. Netherlands over at This Is Extra Time. Head over there to read our play by play and post your own comments! If I can figure out how, I'll post the blog over here.

ETA: Oh, look. I am brilliant.

07 June 2008

Euro preview, part two

Is here. This one features a little less discussion of naked footballers and a little more discussion of who we think is gonna win the whole thing. Like I said before, it was a lot of fun to do, and I actually learned some things (like, you know, what Samir Nasri looks like).

Euro preview, part one

Can be found here. As the link title may have suggested, this is actually a roundtable discussion with some awesome women who are also soccer bloggers. It was a blast to participate in, and I hope it's entertaining (and maybe even useful). Part Two to follow tomorrow.

And I think I've decided to cheer for Spain. Though I still think Germany will win it all. They're just so efficient.

04 June 2008

Not-quite-live blog: US/Spain

So, This Is Extra Time and I co-hosted a liveblog of the US/Spain game. However, because I am a dingbat, I didn't think to post the link here so y'all could follow it live. We'll just call this a ... I don't know. Almost-live blog.

02 June 2008

Letters to managers

Welcome back, Mr. Mourinho. I hate to say it, but it's been kind of boring this season without you. I look forward to seeing you stylishly sulk on the touchline in Italy next year. Now maybe take Lampard and Drogba with you? Thanks.

Dear Sven: I think you might have actually deserved better than this. The McClaren years (year?) made you look good in retrospect, and really, City were never going to make the Champions League. So I don't think you sucked, but I guess this is the risk of having a crazy owner. Sorry.

Love (or something),