20 April 2008

Confession time

Hi, my name is Amanda, and I am a Columbus Crew fan. Because I'm a glory-hunter. No, I am not from Columbus. Nor have I ever visited there. Mostly I think I love teams who will inevitably let me down, and with Columbus currently leading the Eastern Conference, there's no way they're not gonna disappoint me by the end of the season. So, I admit it. I am an MLS fan. Specifically of a team that has never won a title and hasn't even made the playoffs the last two seasons. In a league where over half the teams get to the postseason, that takes some doing. Judge away; I know I'm judging myself.

Other things I am ashamed to like: books written by the Beckhams, The Hills, and any sort of drink with "sour" in the name and a cherry on top. Like I said, feel free to judge.

15 April 2008

Oh my god.

Dear Mssrs. Hicks, Gillett, Parry, and Benitez:

Shut up. All of you. This has been going on for far too long, and really. You couldn't stop attacking each other in public for a day? Not even this week? Gross. I don't care who's right anymore, I just want you all to stop talking and go away. Maybe go on vacation together. I bet y'all could work something out then. And if not, at least the pictures would be amusing.

No love,

07 April 2008

Quick hits

04 April 2008


I guess this is the only way West Ham is going to win the league, though. They've fixed it now, but for a while, West Ham was leading the MLS Western Conference.

(Thanks to Goalscoring Robot.)

Dashed expectations news

So, a combination of Wednesday afternoon classes and being too poor to afford FSC means that the only game I've managed to watch live this week? Chicago Fire - New England Revolution. And I don't even like either of those teams, and the ESPN2 broadcasts aren't the same without Eric Wynalda doing his drunk-uncle routine, but you know, sometimes you go with what's there. It did make me realize that since I don't like Chad Barrett, Justin Mapp, or Can't-Spell-It Blanco, I should probably go all the way and just admit that I don't like the Fire. (This is also how I came to discover I didn't like Inter -- I tried, but I realized I couldn't stand most of the players, so I had to call it.)

I have managed to see highlights of the Champions League games, though, and I think Liverpool are going to be the ones advancing to the semis. If we've learned anything since 2005, it's that Rafa has turned Liverpool into a team that's excellent at getting a 1-0 at home and clinging on for dear life. Since they could advance with a 0-0 at Anfield, I don't expect that game next week to be one for the ages, but honestly, after the rest of the season, I don't care so much about aesthetics as results. (This is why I'm not an Arsenal fan.) It's pretty sad, but if they can finish fourth and get to at least the semis in the Champions League, I think I'll be satisfied with that. And no, I'm not looking forward to another freaking Chelsea-Liverpool semi, but maybe Fenerbahce will take care of that for me.

In other news, I scored three at my rec team's practice the other day. I guess you could say, like John Terry or Ashley Cole, I score a lot for a defender. Except that I don't do it with underage girls. Or throw up after.

01 April 2008


Okay, does anyone know why this video will play the ad before, but not the actual content? I've been able to watch ESPN videos before, but not this one, it seems.