10 January 2007

So sad and you're so bad for me

Should Liverpool fans give up on their team?

Um. Maybe? I mean, I'm as bitter as anyone after that horrible, horrible performance yesterday. But. Has fandom ever been rational? Perennial losers like Newcastle still have full houses, and I don't know why you'd expect any more logic from Liverpool fans. If success were the only criterion from fandom, everyone would be Chelsea supporters. And then get criticized for being glory-hunters. I tend to think that your team is your team regardless. In practical terms, the average fan doesn't have any control at all over how their team performs, or even who they buy. If the options are stay with the team even though they're underperforming, start supporting the most successful team, or give up soccer entirely, I know I'll stick with them. It's irrational, yeah, but come on. Devoting all that time and energy to watching 22 people in shorts kick a ball around for an hour or two isn't exactly the definition of logic itself. Love is irrational, and that applies to sports just as much as anything else.

Not that there's nothing to criticize from that game. Far from it.


  1. Playing Dudek again. All credit from Istanbul is gone, sir. Also, saving a penalty doesn't do you any good if you almost immediately concede a goal from open play.
  3. After Baptista scores on you once, maybe try marking him.
  4. Yes, I know y'all came back from 3-0 down in Istanbul, 3-1 down against Luton, and 2-0 and 3-2 down against West Ham. However, if you learned nothing from the FA Cup game Saturday, you should have learned that you are no longer that team. You can't do that anymore, and it's sloppy, sloppy play to concede weak goals and hope to fight back later. You've relied on that for way too long, and now it's coming back. You can't rely on defenses slipping; Milan was a fluke, and come on. Luton and West Ham were both effectively lower-tier sides punching above their weight. Those should have been easy games.
  5. You clearly learned nothing from playing Arsenal Saturday. Even if Arsenal were fielding a weaker side, this was your only real chance for a trophy this season -- come on, Barcelona? No way, kids -- so might as well play your best team and stand a chance of getting to the semis. But no. The season is effectively over, and check the calendar. It's January. For a team that thinks they're contenders for the league, that's embarrassing. For anyone, that's embarrassing.

Liverpool, from the players to Rafa to the board, underestimated Arsenal twice. They overestimated their own abilities, and god. Get serious, get humble, and get back in this. The objective has to be getting to the Champions League next season. It won't be a successful season, but it's the best we can hope for.


Scott said...

*sigh* I spent all my energy writing about this earlier, but I think I can muster a bit more...

Fucking Liverpool.


ynba said...

I'm seriously thinking of changing my blog title to "Fucking Liverpool." It's a little ridiculous how mad I am at them -- really, the Carling Cup doesn't matter all that much. But we just gave in so easily. Bah.

(Also, yay, you have a blog! I really enjoy your contributions to the "Liverpool commentariat" at Deadspin.)

linda said...

Oh man. I defended Rafa on my blog (because I'm quite fond of him, despite his previous Madridista status), but your analysis of the mistakes is spot on.

On the bright side, Barcelona isn't going to be as hard as you think, if we continue to play as awfully as we are right now. Barca were absolutely rubbish yesterday, but you guys bounced back. So we'll see.

(Honestly, I'm worried that the Champions League being Liverpool's only hope of silverware will only make them harder to beat.)

badgerdaddy said...

I'm a long-time Chelsea supporter, and I used to have a favourite saying: "No matter how shit my life gets, there's always Chelsea there to make it worse." I know what you mean about the irrational nature of love for a team...

I'll also understand if I get it in the neck for supporting Chelsea now...

ynba said...

Linda: that's good to hear! At least we should all get a good game or two out of this draw. I'm still not convinced that we've got much of a chance, but I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes.

Badgerdaddy: no worries -- long-time Chelsea fans get grandfathered in. ;) I'm not sure I can really bash glory-hunters, since I've only been a fan about five years, but that's really what annoys me most. If Liverpool suddenly got a Russian sugar daddy, I'd probably be pretty happy, too. Though we'd still find a way to lose, I fear.