06 June 2007

They can has away kits.

Chelsea's new away kit has been leaked.

See, all you Liverpool fans complaining about their new kit? It could be worse. It could have all those weird little squiggles, and be neon yellow. (Though it will be useful if Chelsea's team-bonding activity this season is deer hunting.) I guess this is the advantage to not being owned by Abramovich -- I doubt Hicks or Gillett care what colors Barcelona wear.

Of course, the disadvantage is that Chelsea steal all your transfer targets. Damn Alves.

In other news, You'll Never Blog Alone has been named Who Ate All the Pies' blog of the week. I'm incredibly flattered, so thanks!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I saw that last week and thought it might be a fake. Unfortunately, they're taking the wrong sort of cue from Barca.

I'll take ours anyday.

And, apropo of nothing, I need help in the Ladies(...) blogger poll.

Click here, scroll down a bit... I'm the #4 seed

A vote for Sven is a vote for all things soccer-related. Plus, my opponent is doing a damn good job of stuffing the ballot box. What started as a way to drum up new readership has turned ugly. Now I just want to WIN.

Amanda said...

At least there's something we do better than Chelsea. Well, two things: away kits and cup semifinals. I'll take it.

I hate to tell you this, man, but I already voted for you. That hot blogger contest is an intense place. Good luck.

Samy said...

this kit is as ugly as their greedy spirit
i hope they will shamefully fall down the tables next season