07 June 2007

The opposite of transfer speculation

First of all, this is a pretty nice little article about the Carolina Railhawks from the local indie weekly. (Named, cleverly, the Independent Weekly.) I'm going to my second USL game tomorrow night, and it's good to see them getting media coverage. The Triangle seems to love its minor league sports, and hopefully that'll hold true for soccer as well. Also, like I mentioned before, that game against Chivas was indeed awesome.

Second, in Liverpool news, Pepe signed until 2012. I never really thought that he was likely to leave, even with Valencia supposedly sniffing around, but I'm glad we have that confirmed. Of course, this leaves the question of his backup open, but Scott Carson's probably coming back from loan, so maybe that will work out.

Also in non-transfer news, Xabi Alonso and Momo Sissoko are supposedly going to sign new deals as well. As far as I'm concerned, the sooner this happens, the better, especially for Xabi. He doesn't seem like the sort of player to do that whole Steven yes-but-no-but-yes thing, but the rumors have been persistent, and pretty credible, that a lot of clubs are interested. Even though he had sort of an off season, Liverpool doesn't really have another player with the same skills, so while I'm happy that they seem to be close to a deal, I can't really rest easy until it's signed. And Momo is good, too, though I wonder what we're going to do with him and Mascherano. It's always good to have cover, though.

Finally, Alexi Lalas really needs to quit while he's behind.


Jarrett said...


I invite you to join us in the 204 Depot (Section 204 behind the south goal, even if your tickets are elsewhere, join us, we have plenty of room).

If you do come by the section, ask for me…everybody knows “Jarrett” :)

Dan said...

Nice stuff here. Being a state-side Liverpool fan myself I can understandable see how the club can be far more interesting than law school (I like to avoid my career in public education). I like that you also hate Donovan as much as I do. Hope you'll check out my crummy soccer blog "Seven Guys Short" at http://nineguysshort.blogspot.com. I'll drop in a link for ya.

Anonymous said...


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