19 June 2007

Is it can be transfer tiem now?

Because nothing is happening in Liverpool's off-season (in that we have not bought anyone at all, really), and all I seem to be able to talk about these days is uniforms and the US national team, today I bring you an article about both.

Now, this really annoyed me more than it should have, and I'm not entirely sure why. I'm, at best, a casual US fan, and even then it's during off-summers when there's nothing else going on. But, come on. Even I know that every team has a third kit. Also, even countries where they have a consistent home shirt -- he uses Argentina and the Netherlands as examples -- change those kits. Not as drastically, but they change. As nice as it would be to have some FA totally immune to the whims of Adidas or Nike, it's not going to happen anytime soon.

This, though, is ridiculous:

[After beating Colombia in the 1994 World Cup] Perhaps betraying a lack of confidence, the Americans changed uniforms for this game—an odd move for a host country.
HI THAT IS CALLED BEING THE AWAY TEAM. Even if you're playing a tournament in your home country, every team has to have an away kit, because you always have a home and an away. This is why Milan had to wear white and Liverpool got to wear red in Athens -- even though neither team was native to Greece, you always have a home and an away. If the US was "away" for that game, they were away. It's not a crisis of faith to change shirts when you're required to.

Also, I refuse to take anyone seriously who advocates for this kit. Leaving aside the blue shorts with stars, really? Red and white hoops? They'd look like candy canes. Or candy stripers. Neither of those are really likely to inspire confidence, I don't think. (Also, he seems to have this thing for fans wearing the team's jerseys. Imagine the average American sports fan in horizontal stripes. Yeah, that's totally a good idea!) Or this one. They all look like they're regional finalists in the Miss Teen USMNT pageant with that sash thing. And, seriously. You've got to know Michael Bradley's got that title sewn up, since he is, in fact, a teenager (though Donovan could make a late run for it, since he's a girl). Anyway. Those are both, while not absolutely horrendous, certainly not the best kits in the world, and the first one is more than likely going to get anyone laughed off the pitch.

And I actually really like the current kits. The stripe is simple, but the colors are strong, and I really like how the stripe carries down the shorts and the socks as well. It's not iconic like the Netherlands kit, but it doesn't really have to be. American soccer has really only been around in its current form for about 20 years. Give them time and they'll work something out.

God, Liverpool, will you hurry up and sign someone already? My posts can't get much more frivolous than this.


Jen said...

I'm going to be pedantic and point out that Milan were actually the home team -- in both Istanbul and Athens -- but decided to wear white anyway :)

But yeah, that article is idiotic. I want to send that guy a picture of the new neon-yellow Chelsea kits and wait for his head to explode.

Diesel said...

You didn't happen to notice Alexi Lalas referring to the EPL as an "inferior product," did you?

linda said...

I'm sick of transfer season already - but then unlike Liverpool a lot of the rumours about Barca makes me want to commit violence.

(Still snickering about the Chelsea away kit, though. Guys, just because you look like Barca circa 05-06 doesn't mean you'll be able to play like Barca circa 05-06. Hell, it seems that not even Barca knows how anymore.)

asrulqueresma said...

the players will come
trust rafa
he knows what he is doing

Scott said...

Funny, I was just thinking the other day how I would actually be willing to buy/wear a US shirt now. They're sharp - basic, kinda retro, but still quite stylish.

Unfortunately, there don't seem to be many inexpensive options from Asia on eBay, like there are when I buy my new Liverpool kits.

Unfortunately, I've got to get my rear end back to Jury Duty.

sa said...