01 September 2006

Transfer window, part two: go away.

1. Cole to Chelsea, Gallas and five million to Arsenal.

2. Reyes to Real, at least for a year.

I'm very happy for all three of you. Now would you please 1) shut up and 2) go away? I feel like I've been hearing about these transfers since about 2003 -- and in Cole and Reyes' cases, that's not far off, really. It seems like there's always one or two really long and involved transfer dramas, usually involving Chelsea in some form or another. Last year it was Essien and (sort of) Steven. I say sort of because he ended up changing his mind -- a few times, really. But it still went on for what seemed like ages, and as interesting as it was at the beginning, by the end, I was so tired of every single person involved that I wanted them all to go away to one of Abramovich's islands (come on, he totally has islands) till about October so I wouldn't have to hear any more from them for a good long while.

And now that's exactly how I feel about Reyes, Cole, and Gallas. You're done for a while, boys. I don't want to hear anything else out of you until about March. (Man, wouldn't this be a better world if fans were really able to place players on time-out? You'd hear a lot less from Mourinho, that's for sure.)


frinklin said...

What gets me is that the Gallas - Cole deal is really the same thing that was proposed at the start of the window. What was served dragging this out?

ynba said...

I think Arsenal wanted to try to drive up the price for Cole, since they knew Chelsea had the money and no one else was really interested. Sadly, even Chelsea is smart enough to know that Cole isn't worth 25 million pounds (or whatever they were trying to get), so we had to save the drama for Thursday night.

Anonymous said...


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