14 September 2006

Thursday evening randomness

1. Yay Palermo! Nothing against West Ham, but I adopted Palermo over the summer as my new Serie A favorites, mostly because of their fashion-forward pink home kits. Well, that and the way that my previous team, Milan, are dirty cheaters and whiners. I needed a new team, and yeah. It's Palermo, so well-done to them, and yay for beating the newly Tevez-ified West Ham.

2. Sven thinks he could manage Arsenal, Man U, or Liverpool. Um. Has he noticed that none of them are looking for managers? And that he didn't exactly cover himself in glory at the World Cup? No? Okay, then. At least no one seems to be taking him seriously -- if he were likely to come to Liverpool and play Steven out of position there, I may actually cry.

3. I don't know how I haven't linked The Offside before this. Hilarious, and a prolific updater. Highly recommended.

4. As is The Beautiful Game. She's an Argentina fan, but no one's perfect, are they?

5. And your goal of the day. Tomas Rosicky. Beautiful -- I'm a sucker for the power shots from midfield. If y'all couldn't tell.


sarah said...

I'll stick by Milan. At least I know that I like the team for more than just Kaka.

linda said...

Thanks for the link!

Re: Sven, I think he could be the perfect match for the USA NT. All joking aside, poor US fans must be busy banging their collective head against a wall.