13 September 2006

Defense: Try it.

First of all, Ashley Cole = all class. I gotta say, if I were playing with him at Chelsea, I would never say anything that I didn't want to see in the papers. Though I'm glad we finally got Pizzagate sorted. Because that's in no way trivial.

Second, we're not talking about the derby. I know I should, but honestly? I am so frustrated with Liverpool right now that I don't really have anything intelligent to say. At least we've won one of three, I suppose, but when your last Premiership clean sheet was April, something's not right. I really do question Rafa's team selections recently -- I mean, I love Riise and Carra as much as anyone, but when it's a derby and they're both still recovering from injuries? And you have Daniel Agger and Fabio Aurelio as cover? Yeah, I don't get it. I also don't understand why we bought all these wingers in the transfer window and now we're skittish about using them. I don't know what needs to happen for us to stop having problems at the back -- whatever it is, though, we need to get it together quick. Right now, our goal difference is -2. This isn't how you challenge Chelsea (or, hell, Man U or Everton) for the title. And speaking of that, man. I fear next Sunday, when we play Chelsea away. With Rafa in his current mood, my prediction is Xabi Alonso up front, Steven Gerrard in goal, Pepe Reina in midfield, and Crouch as a central defender.

Third, Liverpool's defense may be pretty shambolic at this point, but it's nothing to Real's. Seriously, I'm watching their Champions League game against Lyon, and wow. They're playing like my rec team, and we're 0-2 for the season.


sarah said...

At least you're not 17th.

linda said...

Re: Ashley Cole, man, what an asshole - and I'm not even an Arsenal fan. At least Cesc knows the meaning of loyalty (thankfully for those of us Barca fans dreaming of him one day coming back to play for us). Cole fits Chelsea under Moanrinho perfectly.

And as a part-time Liverpool fan...ouch. At least they managed to keep a clean sheet against PSV? Maybe that'll help the squad mindset against Chelsea.

ynba said...

I have to say, I'm not an Arsenal fan (they were my most-hated team before Chelsea happened), but I do love Cesc. He's just so cute. And when you think about how well he plays now, when he's just 19? He was pretty much the buy of a lifetime for Arsenal.

Hee. I love Liverpool, and so I get mad with them when I think they're not doing as well as they could. I do think the clean sheet against PSV will help, but I just can't help remembering how much the slow start cost them last season.

Anonymous said...


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