31 August 2006

Transfer window, part one

I'm sorry, I must still be sleeping. I could've sworn this article said Carlos Tevez was going to West Ham, though.

God, finally the transfer window gets interesting. It would be on the last day.


footie girl said...

I also like the vague speculation about Russian mafia involvement. Just to add that final touch of "WTF" to the whole thing.

ynba said...

And it seems we've gotten rid of Kromkamp. To PSV. I hope we mentioned that he wouldn't be allowed to play against us. Though it's not like he'd be all that scary. I just hope Steve Finnan has some bionic legs or something, man.

footie girl said...

I assume that means the deal for Lucas Neill is going to go through.

Although Bionic Steven Finnan would be awesome. Go, go, gadget legs!