04 August 2006

5-0 is less fun from this side.

Oh my god, Liverpool. Allowing three goals in the last five minutes? That's not the way to set defensive records, boys. I know part of this is because Steve Finnan's out injured and Rafa's trying to give the new boys some experience, and give Dudek his once-a-season run out. (Does anyone know what happened to Daniel Agger, by the way? He hasn't played in any of the friendlies. Is he injured, too, or did they sell him and not tell anyone?) But still. Even with all that, this is not the best way to go into the Champions League qualifier. Which is, you know, WEDNESDAY. I'm just saying. You need to get it together, unless you want to prove Mourinho right. And really, do you want to live in that world? I don't.


Leily said...

a little nervous tonight maybe because the 5-0...but just a little. we will win the game!

by the way,the name of your blog is great!I like it!

ynba said...

Thanks! Glad you like it!

domo arigoto fool said...

God I love this team.