27 August 2006

New season what?

I am so happy that Daniel Agger is not dead. And that we've finally remembered how to win in the league. For one shining moment yesterday, we were above Chelsea and Arsenal in the standings, and I know it's early in the season, but I don't care. That's pretty awesome. As long as Liverpool doesn't start the season as badly as they did last year, I think they'll be in pretty good shape. Especially if Chelsea continues to try their interesting "playing with no defense" experiment.

And speaking of Chelsea, God must be a Barca fan, that's all I have to say. Which is fine with me. However, I'm not thrilled that God seems to be an AC Milan fan as well. I wonder if He missed the part over the summer where they're big dirty cheaters and shouldn't even be in the Champions League. I mean, seriously. My mom could make it out of that group. Though I guess Man U had a similarly easy group last season, and we all remember what happened then, don't we, Footie Girl? I'm really looking forward to this year's Champions League, since that whole Italian drama has opened the field to more teams from smaller countries, it seems. It should be interesting. As far as Liverpool's draw, I'm pretty happy, I suppose. PSV will be a challenge, but barring some disaster, it seems like we'll make it out of the group.

Changing the subject entirely, yay, Man City! Here's hoping more clubs follow suit.


Jones said...

I don't think I'd even worry about PSV, considering they just sold two of their best players. I mean, they're not the Liechtenstein Club for the Sight Impaired or whoever Milan are playing, but I don't know that they're really 100% right now either.

ynba said...

Ah, I'm clearly not as up as I should be on the Dutch transfer market. But now Wiki tells me that Hiddink has moved on, too, so yes. Maybe I shouldn't be quite that concerned.

Though considering Liverpool lost recently to a club called "Grasshoppers," maybe I should. Might as well just be called "Minnows."