27 May 2008


Um, finals and graduation and moving back home meant something had to give, and apparently it was everything related to soccer in general and this blog in particular. I would promise to do better, but I just started my bar review course this week, so I'm pretty sure that'd be a lie. I'll do my best, though, and hey, at least it's the off-season?

...Oh right, Euro. With England out, I'm not sure who I'm supporting. I know it's not Portugal (ew Ronaldo), and I have a hard time getting fully behind Spain. While they are awfully pretty and talented, it's Spain. They're gonna choke, and I'm not sure I can handle that. So, here it is. Make your case for what team I should support. Right now, I'm at a loss.

True confession time: I'm actually okay with United winning the double this season. And I won't be able to watch the US/England friendly, what with no ESPN Classic on my cable and the previously-mentioned bar study, I will be interested in the outcome. Because a year ago, I would have been all "pfft, whatever, America," and I still don't think they're gonna win or anything, but. I'll be cheering for them.

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