29 May 2008


Yeah, okay, England won. But Michael Bradley upset Frank Lampard, and really, that's all I ask these days. Bonus points to Baby Bradley for wearing black shoes with the black socks and shirt. I respect a boy that knows basic principles of color coordination.


TIET said...

And the hair is growing out quite nicely isn't it?

Amanda said...

It is! I don't know what he ever shaved it for. Like, I can understand going short for the summer, but he did it in the winter. Boys confuse me.

Jen said...

That reminds me, at my game on Friday, one of the people watching asked if the reason I was the only one in white socks was because I was the only girl playing. I told them it was because I don't think you should wear black socks with white shoes. Colour-coordination is of paramount importance.