20 April 2008

Confession time

Hi, my name is Amanda, and I am a Columbus Crew fan. Because I'm a glory-hunter. No, I am not from Columbus. Nor have I ever visited there. Mostly I think I love teams who will inevitably let me down, and with Columbus currently leading the Eastern Conference, there's no way they're not gonna disappoint me by the end of the season. So, I admit it. I am an MLS fan. Specifically of a team that has never won a title and hasn't even made the playoffs the last two seasons. In a league where over half the teams get to the postseason, that takes some doing. Judge away; I know I'm judging myself.

Other things I am ashamed to like: books written by the Beckhams, The Hills, and any sort of drink with "sour" in the name and a cherry on top. Like I said, feel free to judge.


Anonymous said...

You'll Never Drink Alone.... when you do make it to C'bus.. you need to drink with us at Ruby's off campus before the match.. it's just on the wrong side of the tracks from CCS...

Columbus Till I Die !!!

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Shauz said...

Might I say that this is a nice site! You shouldn't be ashamed of what you like coz thats who you are! :)

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Anonymous said...