01 April 2008


Okay, does anyone know why this video will play the ad before, but not the actual content? I've been able to watch ESPN videos before, but not this one, it seems.


Joseph said...

Yeah that bothered me as well. Bradley seems like he could be the real deal. At the very least, he's a good representative for American football. By the way, I felt the need to post on your blog because I am also a twenty-something law student obsessed with Liverpool FC (and now the Red Bulls to a lesser extent). I also love Stevie G, although probably not in the same way that you do. How about that assist against Arsenal yesterday? The best thing about law school in Manhattan is that a bar with the Champions League on is never far away.

JM said...


I like your blog. I am a massive Hearts fan but my sister lives in Liverpool and supports the mighty reds so I am always hopeful they did well.

I recently started a blog and was hoping you could link it to your page. I will put a link to yours on mine.

All the best!