13 March 2006

Worst week ever.

If anyone was wondering, I did survive Liverpool's crashing out of the Champions League. I wasn't happy about it, but I made it through. And actually, I'm doing pretty well on my predictions: five-for-seven so far. I was just wrong about Liverpool and Milan. (And honestly, I'll probably be wrong about Inter. I've accepted that.) I'm throwing my support to Lyon (dark horses) and Arsenal (last English team).

As far as the Arsenal game, they deserved the win. I wish it hadn't come from another of Steven's mishit backpasses, but they played better than Liverpool. Xabi didn't deserve that red, though; everyone was falling over on the pitch, and he just had bad luck in colliding with Flamini in the process. Also, shut up, Senderos. Okay, that's Liverpool's Week in Review. Knocked out of the CL, lose to Arsenal. Next week, someone runs over the mascot.

So, onto positive notes. First, everyone hates Jose Mourinho now. Second, Liverpool lasted in the Champions League longer than 1) Everton, 2) Manchester United, and 3) Chelsea. Third, we are still in the FA Cup. It's not quite as shiny as the Champions League, but you know. Still shinier than the Carling Cup. Dude, after this last week? I have to find positives wherever I can.


sarah said...

Though I haven't seen the game yet, Senderos was just defending Fabregas. And you wouldn't have been upset if it was Steven getting all up in some one's face for a similar situation involving Xabi.

Of course it is football, so nothing is fair.

ynba said...

Right, I have no problem with teammates defending each other, and actually, I'd argue that's the captain's job more than it is anyone else's. But I think there has to be a real foul there first, not falling over on wet grass. If Xabi had gone in recklessly, like in the first challenge, I'd be a lot less irritated. But when the linesman wasn't going to give anything, and the ref didn't even see it? You just yelled Xabi into a red card, Senderos. Congratulations.