28 March 2006

Odds and ends

1. What did I say about Fabregas winning the midfield battle? I win at prediction. Maybe -- stranger things have happened on return legs than overturning a 2-0 deficit. Arsenal are looking more and more like this year's Liverpool, though. Sketchy domestic form, needing to perform in the Champions League to keep their best player around, in a "rebuilding year." The parallels are right there, and I'm sure everyone will be sick of them by mid-April. But for now, fun!

2. If only I had a spare $800 . . .

3. Everyone hates Chelsea, part 432. I don't know if I've seen public opinion turn against a team so quickly -- this time last year, everyone adored Mourinho. It's hard to talk smack about Chelsea without sounding bitter if you're a Liverpool fan, but it's getting easier and easier. All the money in the world can't buy class, or even interesting gameplay. (What's with all the handballs these days? It seems like there's one every game.)

4. I've heard some people recently arguing that Kevin Nolan should get an England callup. Now, I have nothing against Nolan. I can't; he's a good Scouser. However, he plays for Bolton. That alone means Sven won't call him up. Even if that weren't the case, England don't need another central midfielder. They're having enough problems these days figuring out how to get Gerrard and Lampard to work together. There's no way they need to add another guy into that mix. Especially not one that even his supporters admit isn't on the same level as the midfield pair we have now. If you want to take a backup midfielder, it should clearly be Scott Parker instead. He's the best thing about Newcastle these days, and he can actually, you know. Score goals.

5. I just got my tickets for US/Jamaica. I'm really excited about going to that, even if my newly-discovered Associative Property of Soccer means that the US is going to get killed by Italy this summer. It's really easy: Germany beat the US 4-1. Italy beat Germany 4-1. Therefore, Italy will beat the USA by a score of 8-2. Simple, elegant, and endlessly amusing.


footie girl said...

Kevin Nolan is basically the poor man's Steven Gerrard. So why do you need him in the England squad when, you know, they already have the actual Steven Gerrard?

I still covet that bag.

David U said...

To answer your question over on Elrod's blog........Nancy Grace may have wanted an "outsiders" perspective, as opposed to an "insiders" one. Insiders don't tend to be as objective. Just a thought, but who knows.
Good blog, by the way! :)


ynba said...

David: that may be true. However, if you want an "outsider's" perspective, I think the better place to look might be a university's divinity or religion department, not a Baptist minister. You wouldn't ask a Shiite to describe what Sunni Islam is about. The CoC/Baptist divide isn't nearly as extreme, but they differ on some very fundamental things as well. I'd question the objectivity of any minister who's willing to go on national TV and bash someone else's religion.

brookster said...

Kevin Nolan must be on his way out of Bolton this summer though: even if he is a poor man's Gerrard, he'll mature at another club. I'd love to see him at Man City, and today's rumours of Gravesen to Man City warmed my heart. I may be a premiership neutral, but Man City are wonderful to watch.

Drogba won't remain at Chelsea though. They're still maturing, in every possible way.

Looking forward to the FA Semi's. Glad they're not midweek like the quarters.

Donny Road

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