05 March 2006

Denial/link/first game ever!

Again, I am not talking about Liverpool/Charlton. Mostly because I haven't seen the game, but also because as Deadspin put it, "the Reds couldn’t score with a homeless hooker if they had a pocketful of cash." It's true, and it upsets me, since we have to get two on Wednesday if we want to avoid going out ignominiously in the Champions League round of 16. (That will be known after Tuesday as "pulling a Chelsea." Just to keep y'all up on the new slang.) So I'm just not thinking about it, because my basketball team lost, and this has been a bad enough sports weekend for me.

In other news, say hello to Goalscoring Robot, a new blog and a friend of mine. She's an Arsenal fan, but I like her anyway. And she's slowly realizing how much Chelsea suck, which is a lot of fun to watch.

Finally, I am going to my first real match! I'm going to watch the USMNT beat up on poor little Jamaica. I'm going to try really really hard to not openly mock them while I'm there -- I feel this will be easier to do without Dave O'Brien babbling over the action about the keeper's "shutouts" and telling me about Dempsey's burgeoning rap career. Because, really. Shut up.


footie girl said...

Oh, Liverpool. I wish I knew how to quit you.

ynba said...

Hee. I don't think you're going fishing with those boys.

(Come on, Liverpool! Two goals.)