25 February 2006

Premiership notes, February 25

What the hell, Sven? You do realize that the only reason Rio's playing there for Man U is that they have no midfield to speak of, don't you? Steven Gerrard's played as a striker before, too -- clearly, let's start him up front! Gah. Just because a player can play well out of his preferred position doesn't prove anything. Ferdinand's clearly a defender, and I don't think the solution to our midfield issues is adding in another player to the mix. Especially when England can USE HIM IN HIS REAL POSITION. I mean, with Sol Campbell's continuing issues, who else are you going to partner John Terry with?

Well, OK, Jamie Carragher's the clear choice. But pretend you're Sven, and inexplicably hate Carra. Judging by this decision, you'd put Peter Crouch into the defense. It's not like we have a glut of good defenders and need to shoehorn Ferdinand into the squad. He has a position he prefers and is better in. I don't know why playing him in midfield is even on the table as an option. Just because Sir Alex does something doesn't make it a good idea -- would you have bought Eric Djemba-Djemba?

For the record, my preferred midfield is Joe Cole, Frank Lampard, Ledley King, and Steven Gerrard out on the right flank. He's been playing there a lot for Liverpool, and that's almost become his preferred position. Since you can't drop Beckham without causing a national crisis, though, I'd settle for Cole, Lampard, Gerrard, and Beckham. You would just have to lock Lampard and Gerrard in a room together until they figured out how to allocate the attacking and holding roles. (And install a video camera in the room. I'd pay for that footage.)

Speaking of what the hell -- Arsenal. I'm actually pulling for them in the Champions League, so it's strange to see them return so quickly to their awful away form in the league. (Won just three? Really, boys?) This does give credence to the "Arsenal are the new Liverpool" theory, though. Arsenal will, however, have to do it without my assistance -- in the form of lucky socks and undaunted pessimism -- that got Liverpool through the Champions League campaign. Sorry.


footie girl said...

Hell, Steven Gerrard was playing at right back for Liverpool at the end of the Champions League final, so why not start him there instead of Gary Neville? It's idiotic. Especially considering that they have an actual holding midfielder in the squad, with Michael Carrick. (Nobody is listening to me about Scott Parker for England, sadly.)

E. Gao said...

Well, it all depends on whether diamonds are still Sven's best friend, yeah? If he insists, then:


If he actually gets some brains and tries a straighter formation, then:


Wouldn't be too awful either. But honestly, with Rooney and Crouch the likely first choice strikers for the Urugray match, Stevie absolutely NEEDS to be in an attacking position.

ynba said...

I wonder what would happen if we tried a 4-5-1, since with Owen out, none of our strikers besides Rooney are all that promising. It'd get howled at for being boring and defensive, I'm sure, but that way you could play either Stevie or Lampard in that more attacking role, and still have a strong midfield. I don't think we'd have enough time to get it down, but I think it's another possibility.

jen said...

Someone has to convince me that Becks is actually a decent right-sided midfielder still. The last couple times I watched him play there (which, admittedly, does not include the Argentina game, he spent way too much time drifting inside and leaving that flank completely exposed.

Just a thought here, but how about Gerrard--Lampard--Carrick--Cole? Lots of defensive ability if necessary, but tons of goal-scoring too...