18 February 2006

Glory, glory, Man . . . who?

THAT is what I'm talking about, boys.

I mean, I'd prefer another goal or two, but right now I am not picky. We're in the quarterfinals! And it's . . . well, not sad, because better Liverpool than Man U. But I don't have anything really against Man U. (except Gary Neville. What a douche.) This has just not been a good season for them -- incredibly early exit from the Champions League, some shocking Premiership performances, and now this? I mean, considering they don't really have a midfield and they're still likely to finish in the top three, it's not too awful. Their golden generation's just aged up now, and a lot of the younger players haven't fully stepped up. I think it'll come with time, and maybe a new manager.

Even so, these things remain true:

1. I would trade any of our strikers for one like Ruud van Nistelrooy. Not him, because I think he's a diver, but I'd kill to have that kind of consistency up front.

2. I'm still cheering for Wigan in the Carling Cup final. I don't think they'll get it, because Man U will really want something shiny to show for this season. Wigan, by contrast, are kinda in that "just happy to be here" mood. (But then, I thought Liverpool were out of it when Xabi got injured, so what do I know?) I'll predict Man U to win it, but I'd kinda be happy to be proved wrong.

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