15 February 2006

My answer? Steven Gerrard or John Terry.

OK, I may have discovered the secret to Liverpool winning. I slept through the Wigan match (forgot to check, and it was the early one), and I was stuck in a makeup Property class, with no laptop allowed, during the Arsenal match. Since they won both of those, I have to conclude that I can no longer follow the GameCast if I want my team to win. (In the alternative, we could get our strikers firing again, and I could follow my boys live. But for now, we'll go with not following the game as the key. This has the benefit of not making me get up for a 7:30 game on Saturday.)

Speaking of that game, I'm not going to jinx us. Man U's form has been a lot better than ours has recently, and they also have the advantage of being out of the Champions League and not having to play in the World Club Championship or make up those games in hand. (Also, Footie Girl would like to point out that Man U's strikers can actually score.) However, we'll really want to win this, since it's the only chance of domestic silverware we've got. Also, we're bitter about the last-second undeserved loss in the Premiership. Or maybe that's just me who's bitter. Damn Rio.

Speaking of bitter? I present Pepe Reina. And I really can't blame him -- it's only natural to want your former team to do well, especially playing a hated team like Chelsea. (I hesitate to call them our rivals, because historically? As if.) Reina has more reason for bitterness than the rest of Liverpool, since Robben's ridiculous dive cost him three games. I can't go as far as hoping that Liverpool draw Barcelona in the next round, though -- either Reina knows something I don't about Barca's dip in form recently, or he thinks we actually have strikers. Either way, my draw preference is definitely the winner of Rangers/Villarreal. Luckiest teams in the world.

Discussion question: which Premiership footballer would you most like to switch bodies with for a day, and why?


sarah said...

Kaka or Sheva.

Why? Sheva because he's just SO good. And Kaka, well. Because he's good, but also because he's so graceful and ... Yeah. I'm not so much. It'd be a nice change for a day.

footie girl said...

Pepe Reina, but only if the body-switching includes a time machine so I can go back and punch Arjen Robben properly.

Otherwise, maybe Cristiano Ronaldo, because he plays the same position as me and I'd love to be that talented. Plus I could make him stop being such a whiny brat, even if only for one day. And maybe make him cut his damn hair.

WTF said...

People who say "we" in reference to teams they have no role on are the most annoying delusional twats around.

We don't need any more gotdamn lawyers either. Try Art history.