31 January 2008

Question of the day

So, say you were one of the U23 players who decided to get pedicures today. Yes, that's the U23 men. Put yourself in those guys' shoes. (The blog doesn't name names, but my guess? Sacha Kljestan.)

Here's my question: you're most likely an MLS player, which means you're probably about to start the preseason. Why, then, would you decide to get your feet all smooth and pretty when you'll be playing soccer five days a week and they're just going to get all callused and blistered and gross again?

Seriously, I speak from experience. It's a bad idea.

(If you're here from the Fanhouse, hi! This is pretty much what it's like all the time around here.)


Georgina Best said...

Maybe he has someone prepared to suck his toes clean after every match.....?

J Dillah said...

Check out this article, cures blisters? http://sports.aol.com/soccer/story/_a/beware-of-damn-boots/20080319233409990001

Who knows, but that song sure does get stuck in my head!

george said...

So just to clarify: Does blogging refer to several people working for the same blog? Or writing about the same thing on different blogs?
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