20 September 2007

LOL Chelsea

Goodbye, Mourinho. I guess this means Rafa wins? (And I'm pretty sure it means Chelsea's out of the title race this season.)

And if I didn't love the Guardian forever, this slideshow would seal the deal.


badgerdaddy said...

The incessant bile I read about Chelsea still shocks and surprises me. At the end of the day, if you don't care about the club or if you dislike it that much, ignore it.

I wouldn't wish what's happening at Chelsea on any club, but that's me. I must just be a very nice person. You should try that, you might like it.

Jen said...

In my experience, very nice people generally don't go around telling other people what they should or shouldn't post in their own blogs.

As for the idea that "if you dislike it that much, ignore it," I think it applies equally to reading blogs that express ideas you disagree with. You should try that, you might like it.

Amanda said...

1. You had to go back a month to find this post. Hardly "incessant bile."
2. I could make this blog "The Anti-Chelsea Party Hour" if I wanted. Because it's my blog and I can write about what I want.
3. If you don't care about my blog or if you dislike it that much, ignore it. Enjoy being a very nice person.

badgerdaddy said...

Wow, I guess you couldn't see my tongue in my cheek when I described myself as a very nice person. That's fine, you can of course take it literally.

Jen, I didn't refer to the incessant bile I read specifically on this site - I was referring to this post. I thought that was pretty clear, obviously not.
It seems for a Liverpool fan's blog, there's a large amount about Chelsea on here, and I don't really know why. It's fair enough, you can write what you like - I mean, Amanda can - I just thought it seemed a waste of energy! I'm not even sure what the problem is about Chelsea - change the colour of the shirts and most accusations can be levelled at Liverpool or any other major club. Arrogant manager? Check. Arrogant players? Check. Whining fans? Check. Not so different, really.

And of course, the expression of ideas I disagree with is just fine; I do accept that freedom of speech is either universal or it is a myth. Just like me being able to express that I think it's a load of old cock, and for you to reply. Your suggestion actually negates your suggestion. Nice one.

Amanda, I didn't have to 'go back a month', as such; I just scrolled down. You don't post that frequently, so it wasn't far to look.

You often have made this blog the Anti-Chelsea Party Hour, in my opinion. You go ahead and carry that on; or be positive about the club you support, or whatever you want. As long as comments are enabled, I can come on here and make comments about what you say though. If you don't want comments, turn them off. Simple as. Write what you want, and turn off comments. Ta-daaaaa. Everybody wins.

Who said I don't care about your blog? I enjoy reading your comments about MLS and it's always interesting to read a foreigner's views on the Premiership. But when you talk Chelsea, the tone changes into small-minded, petty... I don't know. Hatred? Jealousy? I really don't know what, but it doesn't do you any favours and it sits badly with the other stuff you write.

Just my opinion. If you like, I could just not come back; it's pretty clear conflicting views are not welcome.

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