05 September 2007


So, Footie Girl is currently pestering me to update, and I admit it's long overdue. My problem, along with the start of school completely kicking my ass, is that Liverpool are top of the table for just about the first time since I've been following them, and I don't really know what to say, to be honest. Torres isn't choking, we're beating up on newly-promoted teams (and Villa), and ... I really can't complain. Which doesn't leave me with a lot to say.

So instead I'll hit and run with this link I've had saved for a couple of weeks -- apparently it should be mangoes at halftime and not oranges. The FA, tackling the important issues since never.


Jen said...

One little comment does not count as pestering!

Also: MANGO.

TIET said...

while most liverpool fans i know are already running around proclaiming themselves the league champions you come out with 'torres isn't choking'. lol. how refreshing.


Amanda said...

Jen: Whatev.

TIET: I've been burned before, and I'm too used to my teams crashing and burning. I'm gonna wait till at least midseason to call the league for us. Glad you liked it!