30 October 2006

Burning questions from this weekend

In the Premiership:
1. Arsenal: gay team or gayest team?

2. Steven Gerrard's new strategy: pout until you score?

3. Liverpool: why haven't they been playing like this all season? Rafa fielded his 99th consecutive different lineup, but they didn't really seem to do anything all that different in terms of formation or strategy, except for the strange switch of Carra and Hyypia for the first third of the game. The real question from that game for me is how Villa survived that long as the only unbeaten team in the league. Baros and Angel were completely invisible (even before they were taken off), and it looks like they've been owing a lot to Gareth Barry. Win the midfield and you can close down Villa, looks like. Even with that, though, that was by far the best performance Liverpool have put in all season. Here's hoping we can get the defense solidified and qualify for the Champions League knockout rounds tomorrow with a game or two to spare.

Outside the Premiership:
4. What the hell happened to Sociedad? They're my Spanish team, and this is pretty sad. I hate to see any team do a Sunderland, but especially one that has such an interesting history as Sociedad.

5. Did anyone know Tomas Rosicky has a twin brother playing in MLS? I've been sort of lackadaisically following the MLS playoffs (though now that Chivas and Jonathan Bornstein are gone, my interest may wane, because I am just that shallow). So I had New York/DC on, and was pretty surprised to see a mini-Rosicky running around in a Red Bull kit. Anyone else foresee a Parent Trap place-switch kind of thing going on here? Just me? Okay.

6. How many ways can Mourinho be a douche in one interview? I tried to count, but then I ran out of fingers. God, I'm usually a "cheer for the English team" girl, but I hope they get stuffed tomorrow.


footie girl said...

Shut down Agbonlahor and you shut down Villa, I think. Well, him and Gareth Barry, who's another of those players that I randomly love.

Home to Bordeaux and Reading in the next two games should be a good chance for Liverpool to get their winning streak back, but I worry about what sort of weird lineup changes Rafa'll decide to make.

Also: Arsenal = definitely the gayest. Gayer than the Italians, which is saying something.

sarah said...

Arsenal = definitely the gayest. Gayer than the Italians, which is saying something.
Yeah, but they're totally awesome so it doesn't matter that they're gayer than the Italians.

You see how I have nothing of value to add? This is what happens when I found out that Dynamo's out six players.

Drewcatt said...

No the gayest club moniker belongs to Weymouth....

See http://tinyurl.com/y6us3c (links to tbe BBC) for all the evidence you'll ever need.

Though they don't beat out the 1997 edition of Juventus by much (http://tinyurl.com/vfrzl)

ynba said...

Heh. If pink kits = gay, then I guess it has to go to Palermo. Who I adore right now, so yeah. The pile of asses that is Arsenal, though, still wins to me.

Live Soccer Matches said...
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Drewcatt said...

Ok, I take it all back.

It's most definitely Arsenal.

p.s. On a side note, this was an excellent week in the footballing world. Chelsea, Arsenal, Bolton, and Everton all lost. It's a beautiful thing. Now bring on the Arse, and lets fully right the ship.

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