15 April 2006

Ruination day, and the sky was red

I don't feel at all qualified to talk about Hillsborough -- I was not quite six when it happened. I've only been a Liverpool fan since 2002, and I've never seen a live game that wasn't held in an all-seater stadium. Even with that, though, I still cry when I read about it. It's hard for me to imagine how different things were back then, just seventeen years ago. I can't imagine what I would feel like having lost someone. It was such a completely senseless tragedy, and preventable in so many ways.

I don't have the words to talk about this, so some links instead:
LFC video tribute.
Alan Hansen.
John Barnes.

The Hillsborough 96. You'll never walk alone.


brookster said...

I'm not that old, but I can still remember it and people's reactions. Moving today's game was good, as it should have been, and seeing all the players this weekend (not just LUFC) wearing the armbands was great.

Richie said...

Nice Post,
I thank you for it. I am a true Red Im 38 now (my blog says 33)and still have not forgot that day. I was there and will always be there. A sad day for all.
God bless you and all Reds
Walk on