22 April 2006

Cisse, tinies, and some links

I keep asking Guardian Football to marry me. No response yet. Y'all know I'm far from a Cisse fan, but even if I were, that might be the most hilarious thing I've read on the Guardian for years. I don't think he's long for Liverpool, and I can't really feel sorry about that -- the drama-to-goals ratio was just not working in his favor. I do have to say, though, that I'll probably end up missing my informal Cisse Hair Watch. Unless Crouch suddenly goes wild, we're not likely to see the likes of that again soon.

I can't talk about the FA Cup semi right now; I'm really just too nervous. Which is silly, because I have, like, finals to worry about. But no, this is what I choose to obssess over. (I'm pleasantly surprised that I got the buildup wrong here, though. It's nice to see Rafa getting a little bit bitchy every once in a while.) Since I can't talk about the Cup semi, I'll talk about the Youth Cup final instead. All I managed to catch of this was the celebrations after, and wow. Are these the cutest kids ever, or what? I'm not sure how screaming the intro to "Ring of Fire" became Liverpool's new celebration, but it started with the Champions League final, as far as I can tell. Then the youth team did it with this trophy, and y'all, I almost cried. This may be because I am incredibly girly sometimes, or . . . yeah, really that's about it. They're just so tiny and happy, and really playing because they love the game. Wonderful.

I keep meaning to mention my new links, and then completely forgetting. So here we go. Footie Fool has a lot of good analysis and commentary, so much so that I can forgive him for liking Arsenal over Liverpool. It's Up For Grabs Now is one of the blogs that I read way before I started my own, and it's always entertaining. Finally, EPL Talk called me "spunky." Hee. Thanks to all of you -- it makes my day every time.


brookster said...

Yeah, that article on Cisse made me laugh. I wonder if he'll be starting tonight.

Ring Of Fire is being sung everywhere now in UK sports: it started with the cricket, with the Liverpool Champions League final. It is like a new national anthem for sports here.

Also, here's the picture from the Guardian article: the online never carries the print edition's photos and cartoons:
Click Here as Blogger doesn't allow Images (Huh).

ynba said...

Huh, I didn't know that it started with cricket. Was that during the Ashes, or earlier? It's so random, but it's one of my favorite songs, so I love it.

Thanks for linking that picture -- Lego Cisse is brilliant.

footie girl said...

The tinies are awesome. I kind of want to put the whole team in my pocket and take them home with me.