30 January 2006

The best introduction is a rant.

Yay! A semi-pro team is coming semi-close to me! I know next to nothing about the USL, but the little I know doesn't get on my nerves like MLS does. I think it's because MLS is so eager -- all "Hey! Look at us! We're JUST LIKE the Premiership or La Liga! Except for our pointless playoff system. Oh, and our draft. And salary cap. And the way we're totally inferior. But other than that? JUST like Serie A!"

Um. I may be projecting here. I just get tired of being told that I have to care about MLS or the men's national team to be a good fan.

Speaking of the men's national team, apparently Dave O'Brien will be calling the World Cup matches. Why does ESPN want to hurt me? I'm not thrilled with any of their commentators, to be honest. However, could we at least get one that a) thinks the events on the field are more important than telling me who's the team's best surfer, and b) doesn't use phrases like "the end zone view"? Is that too much to ask?

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