16 November 2007

Redesign and watch party

I'm fixing to head out to DC, but some quick things before I hit the road:

  • I redesigned the blog. This also involved editing my blogroll; I had to take off some dead links and I added some new blogs that I've been reading recently. (How did I not know about Soccer Insider until now?) If you were on there before and I dropped you, leave me a comment.

  • Mourinho to New York? I won't lie, this would be pretty awesome. If Bruce Arena was too outspoken for the league's taste, I shudder to think what they'd make of Jose. But at least it'd be fun to watch. I may not like him, but he's definitely entertaining.

  • If you're in DC this weekend, there's a US/South Africa watch party going on. I can't promise I'll be there -- I don't do well with early mornings. But it looks like a good time, so I wanted to pass the word along.

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The Black Hornet said...

Red Bulls look like they're becoming the Dan Snyder of the MLS. The rumorI heard was Trappatoni, but if Mourinho want's to match wits against Ruud Gullitt - it would be one epic get for the league.