22 May 2007

Champions League final watch party

I know, short notice and all, but if anyone's in or around Cary, North Carolina tomorrow, Dave of Dave's Football Blog and your humble blogger will be joining many others (hopefully) at The Hibernian in Cary to watch the Champions League final.

Make an excuse at work and come on out! Hell, that's exactly what I did. Hope to see you there!


Brian said...


if i had found your blog before today I probably would have blown off work and come on down instead of watching the replay of the game at home tonight.

the boys gave it a good effort and its tough to question rafa after all hes done,but why leave zolo on the pitch for so long when hes clearly not in form? why not bring on crouch earlier and drop gerrard back where he looks more comfortable. It feels like Pennants efforts on the wing were somewhat wasted without a capable aerial assault.

Anyways I like your blog and hope you keep posting through the offseason. Walk on.

Amanda said...

I'm glad you like it -- sorry we missed each other!

chunxue said...

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