05 February 2007

Liverpool, Texas?

Yeah, things have happened since I've been gone. Things worth talking about, unlike the transfer window. And some of them were even Liverpool-related! Actually, all of them today, which I think is unusual. But, you know, when there aren't any sex tapes released, what can you do? Today's theme: being confronted with harsh reality. And also, people paying a lot of money for Liverpool.

  1. First, another frustrating Merseyside derby. Now, I was out in the woods with no Internet access, so I have yet to see this game live (believe me, I didn't pick the date to go away). Nevertheless, all the chances in the world don't do you any good if you can't convert them, and there went our best chance at getting a shot at second. Chelsea will probably be a lot harder to beat now that Terry's back fit, and now they're six points clear. So, yeah. Yay for keeping another clean sheet and keeping League Fortress Anfield secured, but I'd be a lot happier about this if they'd been able to get a goal off. Crouch and Bellamy, I'm looking at you.

  2. Related to that: Everton gets offended if you call them "a small club." While that wasn't the nicest or the most politic thing for Rafa to say, honestly? The truth hurts. I'll be the first to admit that Liverpool has some problems, like not winning the league for 15 years. But as the Fiver said today:
    Liverpool are the only club in the top four not to have won the league in the last 15 years, so their status as a big club is as questionable as the award a [sic] Labour peerage, but when Everton chief executive Keith Wyness issued a statement saying that Rafa "was in a minority of one in believing Everton, is in any respect, a small football club", it sounded like the Liverpool boss had struck a nerve as raw as a rookie marine in downtown Da Nang, circa 1972. And with Liverpool having outshone their Merseyside rivals for most of the last 20 years, it sounds like the Toffees doth protest a little too much.
    Oh, and also? The year they finished fourth, Liverpool won the Champions League. Just saying. (Also, Toffees? Weirdest nickname ever. Except maybe Cottagers.)

  3. And it looks like the American takeover of Liverpool is gonna go through. This is kind of a weird deal; Tom Hicks is the second Texan I've ever heard of that's interested in soccer. But if they're willing to fund a new stadium and better transfers, I'm all for it. I mean, it's not any weirder than an Icelandic biscuit magnate taking over a team doomed to relegation, so why not? I'm willing to see how this goes. (Also? I'm American. I can't really get all high and mighty about other Americans investing in my team.)

  4. Finally tonight, Steven Gerrard is captaining England Wednesday. Yay! I'd be a little happier if he didn't sound quite as much in love with Xabi Alonso, though -- I mean, I totally understand being in love with Xabi Alonso, but I'm not playing against him in two days. It is good to see that not everyone's as pissed at Joey Barton as Frank Lampard is. I mean, everything Barton said is true -- England did play like shit, and Lampard and Gerrard still have not figured out how to play together. Once more, the truth hurts.

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